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Integrated Electronic Solution

  • Home Security Alarm Systems – CMS.
  • Business Security:
    • Access control.
    • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) - DVR.
    • Alarm System and Fire Alarm System.
    • Maintenance.
    • Patrol and Monitoring Service.

P-Eyes Mobile Apps

a mobile application for capturing real time information from customer sites of our Manned Security Services.

Guard Tours & Proof of presence

Scanning NFC enabled strategic checkpoints at customer sites using P-Eyes & updating real time info.


Routine or surprise inspection run by Inspector/ Supervisor/Ops Manager or any other Platinum employee based on customer site requirement.

Incident Reporting

Reporting incidents during a patrol tour or adhoc and stakeholders are notified by sending email/SMS alerts.

Panic Button

Sending alert/notification (email/SMS/on screen popup) in any alarming situation.

Patrol Response

Ad-hoc task sent by Control room/supervisor.

Geo Fencing

Uses the Global positioning system to define geographical boundaries via virtual barrier of customer sites.

Mass Attendance

Capturing security officers attendance by scanning the employee NFC enabled I-Cards.

Handset requires 3G/4G/Wifi network connectivity for data transmission. Currently P-Eyes supports only Windows Phone having NFC capability.

Value Creation for our customers

  • Real time information & monitoring security activities.
    Real time dashboard, online exceptions monitoring & reporting
  • Instant communication in case of any exception, Incident & Panic to all the key personals.
    Email and SMS
  • Photographic evidence of incident & inspections.
  • Preventive Analytics and that leads to design better security of the customer premises.
  • Manage by exceptions.

How its being sold to customers?

  • Value added service.
  • Product differentiator in Manned Security Service.
  • Transparency and SLA measuring tool.
  • Efficiency improvement.
  • Manage by exception.

Key Benefits to Company

MSS product differentiator and aligned to our Innovation and developing core service line strategy.

Operational benefits:

  • Capturing field employee attendance electronically & avoiding manual error. This will lead to timely invoice and salary preparation with minimum manual intervention.
  • Timely on screen attendance info will help to fill the vacant posts early & so avoidance of penalty.
  • Contract compliance for Guard tour & inspection will improve efficiency and penalty reduction.
  • Operations improvement via control room monitoring, alerts & data analysis.
  • Quick response in case of any panic or incident.
  • Improving transparency at customer site and thereby improving customer retention.


  • Activity Report – Activity on the site.
  • Tour Compliance Report
  • Tour Analysis Report
  • Post Coverage Compliance Report
  • Incident Analysis Report
  • Inspection Analysis Report
  • Alert Analysis Report
  • Geo-Fencing